Dick Njoroge alias Munyonyi (Heart) an artist on the lend a hand of the typical Firirinda song alongside with his son Munyonyi Junior and musician Epha Maina. 

Jerusalema, the South African dance, hit the field love a storm.

It lower accurate thru races, tribes, colours and creeds. From statehouses to villages, Jerusalema project turned the regular technique to retain us busy and excited. Fancy any other fad, it quickly ran out of vogue. Endure in mind Kung fu and breakdance?

The success of Jerusalema became no longer unintentional, it became even promoted by South African president. Simplest Nelson Mandela beats Jerusalema in selling the South African designate. Will our president promote Firirinda?

Will the 30-twelve months-veteran Firirinda substitute Jerusalema? I doubt it. First, it’s an veteran song and recycling a song is no longer easy. Few can associate with it. How many know what Firirinda is? It’s free irinda, a free-flowing dress. Irinda is the Kikuyu name for the worn dress.  Two, we accept a penchant for disliking our possess. All of us know extra about foreign musicians and actors than native ones. All of us know of Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise or Celine Dione amongst others.  But who knows Dick Njoroge alias Munyonyi? We even abominate selling our possess. We seek them as competitors, even when slow. Not only in song however even in academia the set foreign authors are seen as extra credible even when writing about native points love witchcraft. Ideal google that and seek what comes up. By the vogue, a witchcraft Act (2012), chapter 67 is serene in our statutes no subject a brand original constitution. What does BBI impart about witchcraft?

Three, it’s likely that Firirinda will be seen as a Kikuyu dance no longer a Kenyan dance, by no methodology mind that Jerusalema became in a local South African language, Khelobedu. The deep tribal identification will be Firirinda’s finest enemy. Why ought to I promote one other tribe’s song, most will rely on?  But we have not any downside selling western song over radio, TV and other media.

Workers and members of Parliament led by Majority and Minority leaders Amos Kimunya and John Mbadi, respectively, be aware Jerusalema project at Parliament Buildings in October 2020.

Forward of Firirinda competes with Jerusalema, we must destroy our tribal affiliation or better be taught to worship other cultures. South Africans must be taught one other native language past English. Why can’t we introduce that in Kenya?  Why ought to I be taught English and never Dholuo or Rendille? Why ought to I be taught German, boast about it however can’t tell with my Chagga in-authorized pointers?  Our dances can also grow to be global dances and promote Kenyan manufacturers fair the vogue Jerusalema promoted South Africa.

They are involving, examined by time and perfected. But as Jerusalema showed, charity begins at house.



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