Auditor Long-established Nancy Gathungu.

Auditor Long-established Nancy Gathungu has flagged larger than Sh12 billion in irregular expenditure at the Assert Division for ICT for the monetary year ended June 2019.

In her most modern audit checklist, Gathungu raises the crimson flag over foremost charges which contain no longer been outlined, collectively with billions of shillings in payments to foreign contractors with out supporting documents.

“In my gaze, attributable to of the significance of the issues discussed, the monetary statements cease no longer most modern barely the monetary space of the Assert Division for Files Communication Abilities as of June 30, 2019 and its monetary performance and its cash flows for the year then ended,” talked about the Auditor Long-established within the checklist.

“Primarily based on the audit procedures performed, I verify that public resources contain no longer been applied lawfully and in an efficient scheme,” she added.

Within the first space, Gathungu flagged the Assert Division for presenting diverse items of records, with the volume of money recorded within the monetary statements and that on the trial balance having a variance of Sh28.2 billion. The Auditor Long-established talked about while the management presented revised monetary statements, the adjustments between the first and 2d location weren’t supported with the relevant documents to elaborate the amendments. As an illustration, the charge for domestic mosey changed into as soon as revised from Sh34 million to Sh41 million with out explanation.

On the identical time, the Assert department changed into as soon as accused of paying Sh12.7 billion to several foreign companies with out the appropriate supporting documentation or explanation. 

This included Sh10 billion paid to contractors through Italian Bank UNICREDIT SPA, talked about to be payments for the Konza Technocity Mission.

One other Sh1.7 billion changed into as soon as paid through China’s EXIM Bank to contractors for the National Optic Fibre Backbone Infrastructure, while KBC Bank Belgium paid out Sh712.9 million to a contractor talked about to contain labored on the County Connectivity Mission to join county government locations of work to the Net.

“No info in admire to the date the payments were made by the banks, info of authorisation to the banks, payments and bank debit advices,” outlined the Auditor Long-established.

The Assert Division has additionally been accused of violating a presidential directive to centralise procurement of all ICT equipment and products and services.

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