Communications Authority of Kenya headquarters in Nairobi 

NAIROBI, KENYA:  Instances of cyber threat in Kenya has jumped at an alarming fee of 60 per cent to 56,206,097 in the second quarter of 2020/21 year from 35,173,937 old length.

A brand unique alternate file by the Communications Authority of Kenya hyperlinks the develop to systematic resumption to normalcy amongst sectors and services and products that were beforehand dormant this skill that of the limitations surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Common forms of threats detected all around the length encompass web software program assaults, Malware, DDOS/Botnet and procedure vulnerabilities.

In accordance to the threat occasions detected, the National KE-CIRT/CC issued 21,513 advisories, which was a 1.0 per cent decrease when put next with the 21,728 advisories issued in the old length.

It obtained 224 investigation related requests as when put next with 354 requests in the old length, which represents a decline of 36.7 per cent.

The decline is attributed to the National KE-CIRT/CC concerted cyber awareness efforts to counter these atrocious online practices.

Within the investigation category, there was a decrease in impersonation, online fraud, online abuse (incitement and Cyberbullying) and child abuse cases, reported to the National KE-CIRT/CC. Child abuse cases decrease was mainly attributed to collaborative efforts with the Directorate of Criminal Investigation’s Child Safety Unit (DCI CPU).

The field statistics file for the second quarter of the 2020/21 Monetary Year affords an summary of the performance and developments of the ICT sector for the length October 1 to December 31 closing year, on cellular telephony services and products, mounted telephony services and products, info superhighway services and products, and frequency spectrum management

Cellular money

The quite a lot of of entertaining registered cellular money subscriptions stood at 32.5 million, whereas the assorted of entertaining cellular money agents stood at 264,390 all around the length beneath review. The designate of transfers across pay bill and till numbers grew very a lot.

Cellular Subscription

The quite a lot of of entertaining cellular subscriptions as of December 31 2020 stood at 61.4 million, representing an develop of 2.6 per cent from the preceding quarter. Consequently of this fact, cellular (Sim) penetration grew by 3.3 share aspects to stand at 129.1 per cent all around the length beneath review. At some stage in the review length, the tips for Jamii Telecommunications Small is incorporated in the cellular cellular services and products sub-piece whose necessary services and products is handing over cellular files by 4G nonetheless also entails Declare over LTE.

Cellular Traffic and Usage Patterns

At some stage in the quarter beneath review, the full native cellular sigh traffic grew by 8.2 per cent to 19.7 billion minutes.

The amount of on-gain cellular sigh traffic rose by 8.6 per cent to post 17.3 billion minutes, from 16.0 billion minutes registered in the closing quarter. On a same trend, off-gain cellular sigh traffic elevated to 2.3 billion from 2.2 billion minutes recorded all around the old quarter. On the contrary, cellular to mounted community sigh traffic declined by 3.7 per cent to 16.9 million minutes, from 17.6 million minutes recorded in the closing quarter.



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